Best of Kota Kinabalu Sorrounding areas


What is interesting in Sabah in 2017? you definitely can not wait to want to know ya, especially if you've never set foot in Sabah. In 2017, Sabah, Land Below the Wind provides various options for you to choose. there are various places of interest in Sabah, including eco-tourism, island, exploration, beaches, mountains, wildlife, food and even shopping activities. Sabah is the best choice and one where you need to put in your destination list!

The main entry point into Sabah is Kota Kinabalu, the capital city which is a located by the sea and a mere 10 minutes from both the international airport and also the domestic airport which are side by side. You should also know that Kota Kinabalu or KK as it is commonly called is central, is your gateway to all around Sabah.

we share you a complete book guide for Kota Kinabalu city Tour and sorrounding area which provided by SabahTourism.  

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